The results are in, and 59% of Patreon voters thought it better for Reena to use the taser to overload the android/charging station. And it worked!

That was our final vote for this chapter. Next week’s page will wrap up Decision Zone. But we’re already planning our next DZO: Interactive chapter, with tons more voting options — so stay tuned!

This week’s vote is for what Interactive story you’d like to see next…

1)ย A new DZO: Interactive story with Reena or Madison. Like Decision Zone, this would be a canon-story, set in the proper DZO timeline.

2)ย Dragon Zone One. A non-canon entry where Reena and Madison are in a sword & sorcery fantasy-themed setting. (A possible premise is that they could be adventurers in search of a mystical relic, currently in possession of the Dark Empress… details TBD.)

3) Danger Star One. A non-canon entry where Reena and Madison are in a futuristic space setting. (A possible concept is that they could either be part of the Galactic Police, or bounty hunters, in search of a fugitive alien lifeform. Details TBD)

Click here to vote! Voting open until 8/5 at 11:59PM (EST).

Danger Zone One. Story by Midnight. Art by Ryo Kawakami.