The results are in and 47% of Patreon backers decided on Reena striking first! The rest of the voters were evenly divided by 26%, believing Reena should either have Kerobot hack the ship or announce her presence to the space pirates.

Reena’s now stuck in an unexpected situation! What’s her new plan?

1) Fix The Ship! Does Reena allow the space pirates time to regain control of the ship?

2) Attack! Reena still has her trusty(?) blaster! Does she continue her attempt to stun Nix and the other space pirates?

3) Escape! The Rexhad’s controls aren’t responding! Does Reena search for an escape pod?

Click here to vote! Voting open until 2/03 at 11:59PM (EST).

Story by Midnight. Art by Ryo Kawakami.