The overwhelming majority of Patreon voters (77%) decided that Reena should enter the Rexhad, as opposed to returning to her ship, the Star One (23%).

But now Reena is pitted against deadly security drones inside the pirate ship! Does she…

1) Try to shoot the drones? Reena’s armed with a Zekto-27 blaster, a weapon powerful enough to take down an augmented bioroid. It’ll make short work of a drone. But how’s her aim? Can she destroy both drones before they attack?

2) Retreat into a nearby corridor? A tactical retreat is always an option. The Rexhad has multiple corridors available. She might be able to lose the drones. But will they give chase? And what other dangers lurk around the corner?

3) Open the air lock? Flush both drones into space with the flick of a nearby lever. The GravLock boots on Reena’s feet will prevent her from being sucked out with the drones. It’s a rash move, but is it really the wisest course of action in their current situation? And will it alert the space pirates to her location?

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Story by Midnight. Art by Ryo Kawakami.