We had a much closer poll this time around, with 56% of Patreon supporters wanting to board the Rexhad. 39% wanted Reena to fire on the space pirates, and only 6% chose to call for backup.

With the Rexhad speeding towards planet Auron, Reena only has seconds to decide her next move before atmospheric re-entry!

1) Enter the Rexhad? Does Reena look for an access port on the Rexhad and board the pirate’s ship before re-entry? This might be a safer option, but it will likely result in the loss of her starship, the Star One. It will also leave her without a way to contact Galaxy Enforcement headquarters.

2) Return to the Star One? Will Reena rush back to the Star One and try to detach her starship from the Rexhad? Can she do it before re-entry? And, if so, will she be able to continue pursuing the pirates, due to the significant damage the Star One has already sustained?

Click here to vote! Voting open until 10/27 at 11:59PM (EST).

Story by Midnight. Art by Ryo Kawakami.