In a landslide vote, 82% of Patreon supporters went for the risky option of redirecting the missile back to the Rexhad (12% wanted to launch countermeasures and 6% opted for evasive maneuvers).

The Rexhad is damaged! What’s Reena’s next course of action?

1) Fire on the Rexhad? Does Reena attempt to completely disable the space pirate’s ship before they launch a counterattack?

2) Call for backup? Will Reena contact Galaxy Enforcement Command and have them send reinforcements?

3) Board the Rexhad? With the Rexhad damaged, should Reena board the ship and take the space pirates into custody?

Click here to vote! Voting open until 10/1 at 11:59PM (EST).

Story by Midnight. Art by Ryo Kawakami.