The votes are in for the first Danger Star One poll and a whopping 79% of Patreon voters wanted to see Reena track down Nix Gala, the space pirate! Vexom Orgg came in at 13% and Zavad Rahn trailed in last with a meager 8%.

But it looks like Reena’s decision has already landed her in serious trouble! Does she…

1) Return Fire? Reena’s ship, the Star One, is equipped with numerous weapons. Does she fire back at Nix Gala’s Rexhad?

2) Retreat? The Rexhad is a large and imposing starship with an arsenal that may or may not dwarf Reena’s own. Does she cut and run, affording her time to think up a new plan?

3) Give a Warning? Reena can patch a communication to the Rexhad, stating that she’s with Galaxy Enforcement, ordering Nix Gala to cease fire and deactivate the Rexhad’s weapon systems.

Click here to vote! Voting open until 9/9 at 11:59PM (EST).

Story by Midnight. Art by Ryo Kawakami. Color by Malatrova.